Рама Surly Straggler 650B

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Рама Surly Straggler 650B

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Размер колеса: 27,5 "(650B) 
Размеры рамы: 38 см, 42 см, 46 см, 50 см 
Материал рамы: сталь (4130 CrMo) 
Материал вилки: сталь (4130 CrMo)

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Surly 4130 CroMoly steel. Main triangle double-butted. ED Coated

Rear Dropouts
Forward–exiting horizontal dropouts with adjusters give you singlespeed compatibility and wheelbase adjustability to help you fit the tires and fenders you want to run with that drivetrain you want to run. 135mm spacing

Brake Compatibility
Disc only. 160mm max rotor size

Fender eyelets at the dropouts, front and rear rack bosses and dual water bottle mounts. Oh yeah, it sports downtube shifter mounts also

Seatpost diameter

Seatpost clamp diameter
30.0mm, Surly stainless clamp included

Headset/Steerer Tube
EC34/28.6 upper, EC34/30 lower

Front Derailleur Clamp Diameter

Bottom bracket shell
68mm wide, standard English threaded 1.37 x 24t

Chainring Clearance
Manipulated so you can fit pretty much whatever size rings you want. Go nuts!

Tire Clearance
Our Fatties Fit Fine (FFF) stays and our beautiful slope-crowned custom fork provide room for tires up to 650b x 42mm! With fenders!

4130 CroMoly, disc only, lugged and brazed. Sloping crown with threaded eylets, tapered and butted curved blades with mid-blade rack eyelets, dual dropout eyelets

Salmon Candy Red (Complete Bike and Frameset) Gloss Black (Complete Bike and Frameset)
  • Тип Рамы
  • Материал Хром молибден
  • Комплектация Рама+вилка
  • Тип рамы Хардтейл
  • Размер колес 27,5"/650В
  • Модельный год 2016



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