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Рама Soma RUSH

Размеры рамы: 49 см, 51 см, 53 см, 55 см, 57 см, 59 см, 61 см.
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The Rush has a swift geometry and stiff chassis, but the smooth riding blend of lightweight chromoly tubes makes it at home on chewed-up asphalt as much as the velodrome.

The current iteration has side-tacked seatstays and S-bend chainstays for more crank clearance and tire clearance. To cap off its more vintage Keirin-inspired look, we are matching the Rush with a threaded fork to allow you to equip it with a clean-looking quill stem.

- Tange Prestige heat-treated double butted CrMo steel; butted CrMo rear end
- Aggressive track geometry
- Investment cast Tange horizontal track fork ends
- 120mm rear hub spacing
- Drilled for caliper brakes
- One set of water bottle bosses on the seat tube
- Includes threaded 1" sloping lugged crown Tange CrMo steel fork with straight blades (38m rake)
- 1" size headtube
- 27.2mm seatpost size
- Max. tire size: 32c(w/o brakes) / 28c(w/brakes)
- 49, 53, 55, 57, 59, 61cm (Center to top of seat collar)
- Frame: 4 lbs Fork: 1.75 lbs.
- Paint: Matte Purple

  • Тип тормоза Ободной (Клещевой)
  • Тип Рамы
  • Направление Шоссе/Фикс
  • Комплектация Рама+вилка
  • Материал Хром молибден
  • Возможность установки ремня Нет
  • Дропауты Горизонтальные
  • Тип рамы Хардтейл
  • Размер колес 28"/700С
  • Модельный год 2019


  • SunRingle Mulefut 80V2 SL
  • Велосипед Surly Ogre 29+
  • Бесплатная спицовка


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